Fundraising Video Picture of Two Kids

You have a fundraiser coming up, and you want a video to show. How do you make a fundraising video? How should it start? How should it end? What goes in the middle? What do you talk about? What do you NOT talk about? You have lots of questions that need answers. Well, here are…[+]

Does your iPad keep telling you that you can’t download an app? Do you get this when you try to add a fabulous app that you have been dying to try, such as Pinterest?   Does it say “Update Required. This app requires iOS5.”? (How do you punctuate that sentence?) Now, most of you are…[+]

Facebook Logo

  A lot has been going around about Facebook’s new Photo Sync. It automatically syncs up your pictures every time you take one on your phone. It’s opt-in, but once you opt in, every picture is uploaded. Even the sucky ones, the goofy ones, the ones just for yourself… Now the folder is private, but…[+]

This is a great little article from SEOmoz. Well, it’s really a video, but it has been transcribed so you have your choice as to how you want to get the info. It really explains well how Google is looking more at co-citation instead of just stuffing keywords in all of the right spots. I…[+]

The 2012 Crunchie¬†Awards¬†are accepting nominees. You can go to the Tech Crunch website to nominate. Lots of great categories like Best Content Discovery Application (I like Prismatic.), Best Bootstrapped Startup, Best time Sink, and many, many more. Go now to nominate your favorites. Go! You only have until December 6th. And, you can nominate once…[+]

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