Does your iPad keep telling you that you can’t download an app? Do you get this when you try to add a fabulous app that you have been dying to try, such as Pinterest?

Update Required on iPad


Does it say “Update Required. This app requires iOS5.”? (How do you punctuate that sentence?)

Now, most of you are probably say, of course. iOS5 came out like, forever ago. All apps run on it now.

Heck, iOS6 is already out for iPad2.

Well, not everyone knows that. There are a few people out there (*cough* Mom *cough*) who may not know. Let’s be kind, though. My mom isn’t completely out of the loop. She just uses her iPad for everything. So, she didn’t get the little message on iTunes on her computer that said she needed to update her iPad to iOS5. (Well, iOS6, now.) Then she didn’t get the message to update her iTunes.

Why? Because she never goes on her computer. It’s old and slow, and she likes her new and fast iPad2. Don’t we all?!

Here is where the second problem came in. Everyone (including me) told her to go to her settings on her iPad and click the update button. Easy!

Yeah, not so easy. (Mind you, I was telling her without the iPad in front of me, so that’s my excuse.)

There was no update button on her iPad. Poor, Mom. No one believed her. She kept saying, “It’s not there.”

Well, she finally just brought the thing over to our house one day, and sure enough, no update button to click under settings. SEE!

Where is the Update area on iPad

So, I pondered for about half a second and realized that the iOS5 update was a long, long time ago. And that was what she needed. (I remembered that it was so long ago because I had to update my iTouch to iOS5, and then it lost all its battery life. I had a long drive to make and the battery died. NO MUSIC! That part of the drive sucked.)

So, this is what I had her do.

Updating You iPad When There Is No Update Button on It

  • Turn on her ancient computer.
  • Bring up iTunes.
  • See if it is the “new” iTunes or the “old” iTunes.
What New iTunes Looks Like

This is the “new” iTunes. Don’t have a picture of the old iTunes because I have the new iTunes.


(Now you know what kind of music I listen to. At least the As.)

  • If it is the old iTunes, update iTunes. It may prompt you when you open it. If it doesn’t, go to and download it. Open it. It will replace the old iTunes.
  • Now that you have the “new” iTunes, connect your iPad to your computer.
  • Click on the iPad icon (in the upper right-ish area now) and go to the update tab.
  • Update the iOS.
  • After about a billion years,(or was that just mine?) your iPad will be updated.
  • Now, go back to the App Store and download that Pinterest App. Those fabulous pictures of kitchens and DIY makeovers aren’t going to pin themselves.

Happy Pinning! Hope your iPad works, now.

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