Fundraising Video Picture of Two Kids

Fundraising Video Picture of Two Kids

You have a fundraiser coming up, and you want a video to show. How do you make a fundraising video? How should it start? How should it end? What goes in the middle? What do you talk about? What do you NOT talk about? You have lots of questions that need answers. Well, here are some answers.

Creating a fundraising video requires one major thing: Emotion. It isn’t about facts or statistics or numbers. It is all about emotion. Let me say that again. EMOTION!

So, now that we have the main idea, let’s figure out what to do with it. You want you patrons to feel when they see your video, not think. It can be empathy, pain, sadness, anger, tenderness and/ or injustice. As long as they FEEL.

Now, one of the things you want to do is to vary the emotion. Throughout the video don’t have the audience on a high for too long or a low for too long. It can drain your audience and turn them off. Keep it nicely varied: up, then down, then up again.

Get Emotion into Your Fundraising Video

Good ways to get emotion are:

  • people
  • kids
  • animals
  • music

People – Use people in your videos so your audience can relate. You can’t relate to a piece of paper or a building as well as you can relate to other humans.

Kids – And, while we are talking about people, the best people to use in your fundraising video are kids. Kids automatically elicit empathy and emotion because they need to be taken care of. They can’t take care of themselves, so us adults need to take care of them.

Animals – And while we are on that subject, animals also need to be taken care of. If you can add an animal into your video, all the better. Dogs are great. Cats are good, but some people have very strong feelings about cats. Obviously, you want the animal to be happy and friendly. Or, if your nonprofit is seeking donations for animals that need help, feature the animals that elicit the emotions you want. But even if your nonprofit has nothing to do with animals, include them anyway if you can. Just think about all of the commercials you see that feature animals but have nothing to do with products for animals.

Music – Now, what generates emotion like music? Well, I guess the answer would be music. Music can generate so much emotion just on its own. In fact, sometimes you can find the right music first and make your video around that. Just make sure to use royalty-free music or have the right to use the music in your video.

What to Not Include in Your Fundraising Video

Now that we have what you need, let’s go over what you do NOT want to include.

  • statistics
  • numbers
  • money
  • past success

Statistics – Statistics make people use their head. They stop thinking with their heart when you bring up statistics. You don’t want that. Nix the stats.

Numbers – See “Statistics” above. (Sorry I have made you say statistics in your head too many times. Oops! Just did it again.)

Money – Just don’t mention money or anything related to money. Once again, it takes your audience out of the emotion that you want them to feel. And, it means they won’t give as much. Or give at all.

Past Success – This goes along with the money part above. Plus, if you mention that you have had success in the past, your audience may think you don’t need any money now.

Fundraising Video Specifics to Focus On

Here are a few more things to keep in mind when making your fundraising video.

Focus on one specific subject or story if you can. If it is a school fundraiser, focus on one child’s story and how they need the help this school can provide. Or how the school has helped them and made a big difference in their life. Focusing on one story can evoke even more emotion. Not only does your audience want to take care of children, this specific child is right in front of them. they need to take care of this specific child. Or make other children as happy as this child.

Keep it short-ish. Make sure your video is less than 5 minutes. Or very, very close. If it it goes longer than 5 minutes, you will start to lose your audience. And you don’t want that.

If you are interested in a fundraising video and just don’t have the time or expertise to make it yourself, have us do it for you. If you are in the area, we can come and get some great footage and images to put together with audio and emotional background music in a fantastic video for you. Or, if you aren’t in the area, we can use footage you have shot along with images you have taken. We can also make a fantastic video using just images and background music, if that is all you have. Email us or give us a call today for a free quote.

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